The bestselling cell signal boosters 2018 on Amazon compared

Receiving cellular service indoors can be a challenge especially if one is living in a remote area, other factors that may
affect your indoor signal strength include your wall material, proximity to a cell tower and the surrounding topography. Changing these factors is an impossible task in some and a near-impossible task in others, which is why cell phone signal boosters proved to be life changers by providing a simple solution for the comfort of your very own house. In this article,
We’ve compared 5 of the bestselling cell phone boosters on Amazon.

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ProductWeBoost Connect 4GweBoost Home 4GCisco AT&T MicrocellPhonetone High Gain 4G/LTE AMAKE 4G LTE ANTENNA
Works with (Carrier)Compatible with all US carriersCompatible with all US carriers
Signal boost for3G and 4G LTE signal3G and 4G LTE signal
Application AreaIndoor & OutdoorIndoor
Works with (Device)Phones (iOS and Android), Tablets,
and Computers
Phones (iOS and Android)
SolvesDropped Calls, slow mobile internetMeant to boost a cell phone signal for customers who do not have the privilege of a rooftop for
installing an outdoor antenna.
CoverageArea of up to 5000 sq. ft.Area of up to 1200 sq. ft.

WeBoost Connect 4G

This cell phone signal booster is the updated
consumer variant of the DB pro 4G which was an older industry standard; It increases 3G and 4G LTE signal coverage for multiple devices such as phones, tablets, and computers. An additional advantage is its compatible with all US carriers.

The setup is a simple one with only an outdoor antenna which needs to be mounted outdoors and placed at the highest possible
place. The powerful antenna enables the boosters minimal signal requirement be significantly low, and it boosts the
signal gain by 65 decibels enough for the signal to cover an area of 5000 sq. ft.

It costs $549.99 .

weBoost Home 4G

This booster is meant to boost a cell phone signal for customers who do not have the privilege of a rooftop for
installing an outdoor antenna. It comes with two antennas with the “outdoor”
antenna placed at a window and connected to the “indoor” antenna which can be placed on any flat surface.

The booster works on both 3G and 4G LTE signals and
works on all major carriers. Its internal antenna has an impressive 70 dBi signal gain,
but it only covers 1200 sq. ft.

It is cheaper than the weBoost connect signal booster, costing $399.77

Cisco AT&T Microcell Wireless Cell signal booster Tower Antenna 

This cell phone booster uses cel-fi technology which
enables the broadband connection in your home be used to make a personal cell
tower. It supports both voice and 3G data for 3G and 4G LTE signals, but due to cel-fi technology, the microcell is provider specific.

It comes with an advantage of no mounting needed, and several AT&T phones can be registered to the microcell. One limitation
is that the devices need to be using AT&T.

It costs $249.97 almost half the price of we boost Connect 4G.

Phonetone High Gain 4G/LTE 

It comes with a Yagi antenna which enables the signal booster to amplify the indoor cell phone
signal at meager prices compared to other cellphone signal boosters.

The antenna only connects to specific carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile 4G and LTE and additionally to any wireless device within
a frequency range of 824-849 MHz or 869-894 MHz.

The signal can be amplified up to 70 dBi covering 2100 sq. Ft. due to its ceiling repeater.

At its price of $119.99, it is a great bargain although it has an extra component compared to other cell phone signal boosters.


It is a high gain Wi-Fi antenna which enlarges and stabilizes the signal for a
notebook computer providing stable and fast Ethernet. This is powered by the latest
35 dBi high gain 4G antenna which vastly
enhances the range and width of your Wi-Fi signal.

It also works for both 3G and 4G signals.

It comes with two ts9 connectors which can be installed on a router or other mobile
broadband devices; the only downside is that the antenna can only be installed on
the devices with a ts9 connector.

It is the cheapest of the cell phone signal boosters at only $19.99


The needs of the user become a factor in choosing which cell phone booster best suits one’s needs. A user with many devices in an
office may go for the weBoost connect while an apartment user may go for the
weBoost home. The AMAKE 4G LTE antenna
provides powerful signal strengths at very low
prices but its limited to devices with ts9 connectors. The phonetone high gain booster has a wide range
but with extra components and is
provider-tied like the Cisco AT&T microcell tower which may put off users
who are not using their provider specific devices.