Signal Booster Guide

Introduction to Cell Signal Boosters and mobile repeater

As smartphopnes become a greater necessity in day to day life, more people are accessing the market. That means there’s more competition for cell tower service and that can cause greater interference amoing users in a concentrated area. That problem opened up the market to cell signal booster technology and mobile repeater devices, but what are they? Read more

How to improve cell signal and mobile internet at your home

How mobile signal booster work

In today’s world, almost everyone uses a mobile phone. They have quickly become indispensable tools with a growing number of uses. However, they can also be virtually useless when there’s no signal available. Here are several methods you can implement to improve your cell signal at home. Read more

How to find the nearest cell tower?

It can be difficult to understand why your cell phone is experiencing poor signal reception while other cell phones in your location
have good signal. You would agree with me that almost everyone has experienced this one day. You make a phone call to a friend chatting about the weekend’s game only to lose the connection in the middle of the phone call. To make the
matter worse, you realize that you were chatting to yourself the last 30 seconds before the signal you lost the signal. It sounds like a cliché but this is what most people have experienced. So what could be the reason contributing
to poor cellular signal? Read more